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Specifications MIL-DTL-5898 & MIL-C-10392

Gavitt also provides extreme service cables for demanding commercial applications.

Military Specification Mil-DTL-5898 (USAF)

Defines cables used for microphone and headset-microphone extension cords in military aircraft. These are rugged, high-performance cables employing fatigue resistant hard cadmium copper alloy conductors, polyethylene insulation for excellent electrical qualities, served fabric shielding to reduce noise (WF-14/U and WM-85/U only), and tough, abrasion resistant, flame retardant polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer jackets – the combination of which results in products entirely suitable for demanding flight-line communication applications.

Many engineers also specify this cordage (or customized variations thereof) for demanding commercial applications. One such modification is the use of special non-halogen, flame retardant jacket. Non-flame retardant jacket is also available for those seeking cordage to Mil-C-5898C (or who wish a high gloss jacket for commercial applications). Contact our technical staff for additional information or design assistance.

Military Specification Mil-C-10392

Gavitt also manufactures rugged yet flexible rubber insulated and jacketed cables per Mil-C-10392 (Revision B, Amendment 3 at this time). Variations and commercial version of these cables are also available to meet your particular requirements. Please contact our sales or technical staff for detailed information.

Rubber insulated and jacketed cables are available to your specification requirements, generally to an outside diameter of .400” or less. Again, our technical staff would be happy to provide detailed information.

MilitaryExtreme Service Products

Although not to specific military standards, through the years we have designed and manufactured numerous extreme service products for such end users as the space program, aircraft, airport control towers, ground support, emergency vehicles and other applications critical to safety and support operations.

Military Part
# Cond. Minimum
Jacket Wall
Nom. O.D.
WF-5/U M5898-WF5U4 4 0.025 0.280
WF-14/U M5898-WF14U4 4 0.025 0.300
WD-34/U M5898-WD34U2 2 0.012 0.160
WM-53/U M5898-WM53U5 5 0.025 0.280
WM-85/U M5898-WM85U5 5 0.025 0.305