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History & Philosophy

In 1923, recently graduated from Brown University and newly married, Lester E. Gavitt and his wife purchased a small facility in nearby West Brookfield which produced, on textile braiding machines, such mundane items as shoestrings and buggy whips. As one of the earliest ham radio operators in the country, he could foresee the need for wire in the infant radio industry which could be manufactured on these braiding machines.

He was right. By 1928 the need for space mandated the purchase of a factory building in Brookfield, Massachusetts where the company is still located with 50,000 square feet now available.

As a very energetic and innovative man, Mr. Gavitt was intimately involved in all aspects of his business. He believed that a competent and dedicated work force was the key to a quality product, and he provided it with the necessary tools and equipment and the motivation to do the job. This philosophy has remained ingrained in the management and employees of the company to the present time.

Following the Great Depression and World War II, the company was sold in the early 1950’s to outside corporate interests and then later returned to local ownership in 1977. Thus, there has been no loss of continuity – top management has a total of over 125 years with the company – and production employees average over 15 years seniority.

We pride ourselves in providing prompt and accurate service, design and manufacturing expertise, and in-process monitoring which results in the quality and reliability of product demanded by the markets we solicit. We conduct our business in an honest and straightforward manner, with top management running the day-to-day activities, which includes giving your inquiries , orders and concerns their individual attention.

In the pages that follow, we will provide a general overview of our product lines and capabilities; because we are a made-to-order house you will not find descriptions of specific items. We urge you to contact our sales or engineering department for any additional information or assistance desired.