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Coil Cords

For 35+ years Gavitt has been custom designing and manufacturing coil cords for our customers.
Desirable characteristics of Gavitt coil cords include:

Superior Retractability and Memory

coilblkWith knowledge gained from years of experience we know what combination of materials work best together, how to configure the internal cable, and what unique manufacturing processes contribute to a coil cord with superior retractability and memory. Time and Time and Time again…

High Fatigue Life

Typically, from this same experience, Gavitt has helped many customers increase the performance and longevity of their products by employing special copper alloy conductors, high performance insulating and jacketing materials, and unique fabrication techniques in our extended-life coil cord designs.

Lightweight, Miniature and Flexible

Desire a lightweight, miniature coil cord to please your customer? We have successfully manufactured many such designs by using the appropriate AWG size conductor combined with thin walls of insulation to reduce the overall size and weight of the cord.

Why Choose Gavitt for Your Retractile Needs:


Conductors: Copper, Copper Alloy, and Tinsels.

Insulations: Polypropylene, Nylon, FEP, PVC, and TPE.

Shield: Spiral Serve, Conductive PVC, or combination of both Spiral Serve and Conductive PVC.

*Aluminum (foil) and braided shields are not recommended in coil cord designs.

Jackets: Polyurethane, PVC or Polyurethane and PVC blend.

Coil Body Options

Cable OD: .090” – .450”
Retract Length: 1” – 60”
Ext. Length: 5” – 300” (usually 5-1 ratio)
Tail Length: 1” – 250” (axial or tangential)

Value Added Services

Gavitt offers a complete line of value added services, including:

Custom Designed


Technical assistance is offered at no charge to tailor a design to fit your application.