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Communications: Military & Commercial

In business since 1923, Gavitt Wire and Cable has built its reputation on custom made communication cables and coil cords. We thoroughly enjoy working with customers and together creating designs that meet or exceed your expectations!

The We’s of Our Success…

We… design many ruggedized cables and coil cords for military communications. These cables are abrasion resistant, endure extreme temperatures, and resist many chemicals.

We... insulate as fine as #32 awg copper or copper alloys with thin insulators to create small, lightweight, and flexible cables. Perfect for any headset!

We… have the correct equipment for fine wire manufacture including extruders as small as 3/4” and planetary cablers to eliminate back twist in each component (which enhances fatigue life of the cable).

We… have equipment to produce internal sub-components… such as shielded and isolated pairs or triplets… all under a common jacket.

We… offer high strength, RoHS compliant copper alloy as an alternative to the traditional cadmium copper alloy!

We… have an experienced and dedicated workforce with an average tenure of 15 years to provide repeatedly excellent products!

Typical communication applications:

Special prototype pricing and expedited deliveries get the concept into your hands! Call our sales staff and let us help!